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Exeter based EDPC can handle any pest control situation, including those that require a delicate touch whether this is down to the needs of the customer or the peculiarities of the law. Squirrels are not usually considered a pest, but they can find their way into buildings, especially hunting for food during the winter. Our work usually involves catching squirrels that are inside to be released outside and finding how they are getting in.

All of our pest control technicians are fully trained and our vans are unmarked to be properly discreet.


Our method

Squirrels (indoors)

We use specially-designed traps to catch squirrels indoors. Because of legislation, our technician is required to gain access at least once a day for three consecutive days to check the traps. If after three days the traps have not been successful, a decision must be made as to whether to continue the treatment, at additional cost, or to remove the traps. We will identify entry point and give advice.



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